The Hearken Notebook

Now In Beta: The Hearken Notebook

The Hearken notebook is a tool for reporters, and is in the process of being built and tested by Hearken. The notebook tool allows journalists to share their work during the reporting process and get valuable input from their audience. It fosters transparency and builds the public’s news literacy as they see how journalism gets made. Think of it as a mash-up of a newsletter, a liveblog, and a behind-the-scenes piece, alongside easy two-way conversation with individual audience members.

The Hearken notebook in the wild:

While at MisInfoCon, Julia also gave a lightning talk about how using a Hearken notebook can help newsrooms rebuild trust to fight misinformation. Check out the video (7:04)

If you are a journalist interested in learning more about the Hearken notebook tool and when it might be available for general release, say hello.

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